Monday, 29 April 2013

5. DIY Rose flower snapback

This tutorial will show you how to make a floral snapback!

Its spring. Floral print is everywhere. Floral headbands are everywhere .

Everyone, their mother and their mother's dog has one.

 and there is nothing wrong with that! What girl doesn't like flowers? Isn't that why the boys always resort to them when they have no idea what to do?

For me , flower headbands are a bit too sweet and girly (bless the poor souls who would mistake me for being a sweet innocent little girl )
All I can see when I wear flower headbands is tiny tinkerbell-esque fairies dragging me off to some far off field then commanding me with their sugary sweet voices to a eternity of slavery for 1 oz of glitter per hour (that's what I've always imagined fairy currency to be)

So I decided to tone down the sweety girl image by combining roses with snapbacks.
( why not? besides, some of you people out there eat bacon with your ice cream.Surely this can't be as  outrageous ?)

First you will need:

Felt, glue and scissors
I chose a traditional red, grey, and a creme... because internally I'm a  conservative 70 year old cat lady

 it would also be super cute if you did a pastel or neon version

I suppose you could just BUY some flowers and glue them on your hat instead of making these flowers, but that would mean you would have to skip my entire post. (pout)

next,  you need to cut your petal shapes 
you can have as many or little rows you want. 
the more rows you have the larger the flower. 
you should have big and small petals 
make sure that if you are making a blooming flower,  to cut a little triangle out from each petal like below (you'll see why in the next picture)

I didn't cut the smallest row because I wanted the inner petals to be really close together (once again you'll see in different photo)

Glue each petal together from where you cut the tiny triangle so that they are curved to resemble a petal more 

you should end up with this  when you're done 
taking the smallest row with no triangles, just roll and glue it together like this. 

With your curved petal rows, starting from the smallest, roll them and glue together 

when you get to the end of a row, just take the next row and start gluing a new row from  place that you think that needs more petals 

you should end up  with this .
if you can see, the center has a really big space.
this is were the small roll of petals come in 

take the smallest row and glue it inside the bigger one 
this should be your finished results! 

now, munch on some food and make a whole bunch. 
then arrange it your liking..

the last step is to glue it on your snapback

and you're done 
(cue overload of  self photos)

and if you guys didn't know, my hair was inspired by GD's hair from his michigo MV
its just not fabulous as his.

remember you can totally do any sort of color, size, number of flowers your inner fairy desires! 
Have fun !

4. DIY no sew wing accessories for your foot wear.

okay, I've been dying ever since I saw  these Adidas X Jeremy Scott Wing Shoes

Vivienne Westwood's ANGLOMANIA WING that came out some time ago are also quite adorable 

but girlfriend aint going to hurdle 200 bucks for a pair of shoes that don't cover them thick calves 
I did wait a while hoping for these to come in a boot style ... but no luck 

Some time later I discovered shwings attachable wings for shoes

smoke sparkle

That really got me thinking...
I could totally make my own

Originally, I was thinking of finding some poor unicorn/pegasus toy and snipping the wings off...

you sir, would make some awesome shoe wings..

but... I couldn't find any in my local thrift store that were of a decent size and color (that and the fact that I would be a unicorn killler  I'M LOOKING AT YOU VOLDEMORT. SHAME ON YOU.  )

So for  my Actual DIY, I choose  to use foam paper. 

I bought two because one was a bit flimsy. You'll see when you go out and buy them. 
Next, I made a draft design 

Please excuse the ugly paper, This was just a scrap. 
I did a mecca inspired design  for an extra KABAM to my KABOOM 

 With the foam paper,

I folded a sheet in half and glued it together for more structure.

Then I drew my design on my paper  and cut it out. 
it would probably be better with pencil first then shapie. (I just had to be badass and draw it on with a pen first. Although, I suppose it kind of defeats the purpose. oh well, I still feel badass?)

next you should measure and mark the spot where your holes are on your shoe 

then if your paper can fit under a hole puncher, I suggest you use that. 

Chances are,  they probably won't 
you can carefully cut the holes out  or you can take some eyelets and hammer them into your wings.
That is what  I did and I quite like the result .
almost didn't look homemade.  

Now you can do any sort of finishing touches and attach them to your footwear 

and tada

winged shoes! 

bye guys!

Cardcaptor Sakura : the original attachable wings for shoes?

Sunday, 28 April 2013

3. gold seashell DIY jewelry

I was at a local thrift shop when I spotted a bag of pretty seashells.

I got all nostalgistic seeing them because I remembered back when I was a child my friend would collect seashells and paint them with pretty nail polishes. (She still has them; I not so discreetly pranced over to her place and checked)

It was then that I saw that this bag of seashells had convenient  little holes in them for my lazy butt  to put thread through. 

that is when I decided that I needed to bring these babies home. 

Although I really liked the color of some them, I decided to spray paint them gold. 

I felt that it did a fabulous job shifting the focus onto texture instead of color. As beautiful as color and pattern can be, sometimes I just want to look at something else. (besides, me? wear color? I think people attending funerals wear more colors than me )

I made many things!
Felt so good being able to make so many different things out of a couple of supplies. 
I hate the feeling where you buy so many items just to make one little thing. 

Awesome thing was I still have shells left that I can embellish some other plain looking thang. 

Out of the many things, here are my several of my  favourites 

the first one is a pair of super cute studs 
small and dainty for your everyday girl and whenever for your I don't care what'chu wearing girl like me. 

I made a matching necklace just in case I felt like actually matching my clothes and accessories together 
Glittery multi-color rhinestone for your extra special unicorns out there. 

the next one was inspired by Disney's ariel and treasure chest 
It's a giant melting pot of pearls and shells (ooooh, shiny! )

and that concludes my DIY post today~

Saturday, 27 April 2013

2. Sailormoon inspired DIY

I don't know about you but I'm feeling a total blast from the past.
Vintage fashion is everywhere (ironically being made new in major stores)

I on the other hand...  have been completely obsessed with Sailormoon 

A blast from my past that I'm sure many of you out there also share!

but if you are anything like the cheapo that I am, you'd completely shrivel up in horror at some of these cute but expensive Sailormoon inspired bling.

I decided to take things in my own hands with some cute finds and awesome DIYs! 

NO. 1 
Sailormoon  Tattoo Tights
I love  this awesome shop AvantGarde  in Japan that specialize in hosiery. They have awesome tights with cool patterns but not really accessible to the other side of the world. So I put this cool find in the back of my head. 

Then, some time later learned this  awesome technique from Secretlifeofabionerd (I tip my invisible top hat to her ) on how to make your own tattoo tights with a sharpee. 

Then I got a crazy idea to make some sailormoon tights after looking at some beautiful sailormoon tattoo pieces. 

2 birds with one stone? (ooooh. I fancy. )

oh yes, 

NO 2 
sailormoon Phone Case 
 Continuing on with the sharpee concept , I decided it was totally awesome to make a sailormoon phone case. I decided to keep it mostly black and white with some rhinestones as accent pieces to make things pop in its sparkly glory. (girlfriend loves sparkle)

It was slightly difficult to make the lines dark as the plastic was somewhat slippery and every time I went over the design the ink from the sharpee erased  the previous line if I pressed too hard.

Thankfully I think the end result was pretty good.

NO. 3 
Thrifted Sailor Jupiter Inspired Ring 

I  was out thrifting when my friend spotted this little gem. She was kind enough to let me have it . 
Inside I was ecstatic .  Not only did this ring have a super unique cut, it totally reminded me of sailor jupiter's  tiara. 

NO 4. 
Sailormoon Inspired Nails 

I did this when I was bored. 
The design is not that hard if you had nail brushed or really thin nail art pens. 
I think the hardest part of this design was the brooch since I didn't have that much space to draw. 

if you squint and look from afar  you won't notice the wobbly line . haha (I cannot for the life of me, draw straight lines)

so thins concludes my sailormoon gear (for the time being ) and my post . 
I will totally update when I do some more DIY or find some other cute things.


Why hello there everybody in the internet universe. I welcome you  to my little planet
I hope you enjoy your visit and don't forget leave me a comment when you leave!

Wow, its been a really long time since I've had a blog... almost too long I suppose.
I think the last one I had was a Xanga. (I shrudder as I think of  tween Lianne terrorizing  the xanga community with countless  ramblings of a mad woman )

With sites like Facebook and Instagram, it feels so strange to be typing more than 3 words a post when uploading pictures.

Don't get me wrong, I love how  easy they can be, but sometimes I need more than  a line. (In other words, I'm sad future cat lady who needs to talk to herself on the internet )

Now that I've established that I  understand the most basic functions of blog.

Who am I?

Who knows?

I have more faces than your friendly neighborhood con artist

I dabble mostly in fashion and style so expect makeup posts, hairstyles, outfits of the days and diy crafting fun!