Saturday, 27 April 2013

2. Sailormoon inspired DIY

I don't know about you but I'm feeling a total blast from the past.
Vintage fashion is everywhere (ironically being made new in major stores)

I on the other hand...  have been completely obsessed with Sailormoon 

A blast from my past that I'm sure many of you out there also share!

but if you are anything like the cheapo that I am, you'd completely shrivel up in horror at some of these cute but expensive Sailormoon inspired bling.

I decided to take things in my own hands with some cute finds and awesome DIYs! 

NO. 1 
Sailormoon  Tattoo Tights
I love  this awesome shop AvantGarde  in Japan that specialize in hosiery. They have awesome tights with cool patterns but not really accessible to the other side of the world. So I put this cool find in the back of my head. 

Then, some time later learned this  awesome technique from Secretlifeofabionerd (I tip my invisible top hat to her ) on how to make your own tattoo tights with a sharpee. 

Then I got a crazy idea to make some sailormoon tights after looking at some beautiful sailormoon tattoo pieces. 

2 birds with one stone? (ooooh. I fancy. )

oh yes, 

NO 2 
sailormoon Phone Case 
 Continuing on with the sharpee concept , I decided it was totally awesome to make a sailormoon phone case. I decided to keep it mostly black and white with some rhinestones as accent pieces to make things pop in its sparkly glory. (girlfriend loves sparkle)

It was slightly difficult to make the lines dark as the plastic was somewhat slippery and every time I went over the design the ink from the sharpee erased  the previous line if I pressed too hard.

Thankfully I think the end result was pretty good.

NO. 3 
Thrifted Sailor Jupiter Inspired Ring 

I  was out thrifting when my friend spotted this little gem. She was kind enough to let me have it . 
Inside I was ecstatic .  Not only did this ring have a super unique cut, it totally reminded me of sailor jupiter's  tiara. 

NO 4. 
Sailormoon Inspired Nails 

I did this when I was bored. 
The design is not that hard if you had nail brushed or really thin nail art pens. 
I think the hardest part of this design was the brooch since I didn't have that much space to draw. 

if you squint and look from afar  you won't notice the wobbly line . haha (I cannot for the life of me, draw straight lines)

so thins concludes my sailormoon gear (for the time being ) and my post . 
I will totally update when I do some more DIY or find some other cute things.

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