Sunday, 28 April 2013

3. gold seashell DIY jewelry

I was at a local thrift shop when I spotted a bag of pretty seashells.

I got all nostalgistic seeing them because I remembered back when I was a child my friend would collect seashells and paint them with pretty nail polishes. (She still has them; I not so discreetly pranced over to her place and checked)

It was then that I saw that this bag of seashells had convenient  little holes in them for my lazy butt  to put thread through. 

that is when I decided that I needed to bring these babies home. 

Although I really liked the color of some them, I decided to spray paint them gold. 

I felt that it did a fabulous job shifting the focus onto texture instead of color. As beautiful as color and pattern can be, sometimes I just want to look at something else. (besides, me? wear color? I think people attending funerals wear more colors than me )

I made many things!
Felt so good being able to make so many different things out of a couple of supplies. 
I hate the feeling where you buy so many items just to make one little thing. 

Awesome thing was I still have shells left that I can embellish some other plain looking thang. 

Out of the many things, here are my several of my  favourites 

the first one is a pair of super cute studs 
small and dainty for your everyday girl and whenever for your I don't care what'chu wearing girl like me. 

I made a matching necklace just in case I felt like actually matching my clothes and accessories together 
Glittery multi-color rhinestone for your extra special unicorns out there. 

the next one was inspired by Disney's ariel and treasure chest 
It's a giant melting pot of pearls and shells (ooooh, shiny! )

and that concludes my DIY post today~

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