Monday, 29 April 2013

4. DIY no sew wing accessories for your foot wear.

okay, I've been dying ever since I saw  these Adidas X Jeremy Scott Wing Shoes

Vivienne Westwood's ANGLOMANIA WING that came out some time ago are also quite adorable 

but girlfriend aint going to hurdle 200 bucks for a pair of shoes that don't cover them thick calves 
I did wait a while hoping for these to come in a boot style ... but no luck 

Some time later I discovered shwings attachable wings for shoes

smoke sparkle

That really got me thinking...
I could totally make my own

Originally, I was thinking of finding some poor unicorn/pegasus toy and snipping the wings off...

you sir, would make some awesome shoe wings..

but... I couldn't find any in my local thrift store that were of a decent size and color (that and the fact that I would be a unicorn killler  I'M LOOKING AT YOU VOLDEMORT. SHAME ON YOU.  )

So for  my Actual DIY, I choose  to use foam paper. 

I bought two because one was a bit flimsy. You'll see when you go out and buy them. 
Next, I made a draft design 

Please excuse the ugly paper, This was just a scrap. 
I did a mecca inspired design  for an extra KABAM to my KABOOM 

 With the foam paper,

I folded a sheet in half and glued it together for more structure.

Then I drew my design on my paper  and cut it out. 
it would probably be better with pencil first then shapie. (I just had to be badass and draw it on with a pen first. Although, I suppose it kind of defeats the purpose. oh well, I still feel badass?)

next you should measure and mark the spot where your holes are on your shoe 

then if your paper can fit under a hole puncher, I suggest you use that. 

Chances are,  they probably won't 
you can carefully cut the holes out  or you can take some eyelets and hammer them into your wings.
That is what  I did and I quite like the result .
almost didn't look homemade.  

Now you can do any sort of finishing touches and attach them to your footwear 

and tada

winged shoes! 

bye guys!

Cardcaptor Sakura : the original attachable wings for shoes?

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