Monday, 29 April 2013

5. DIY Rose flower snapback

This tutorial will show you how to make a floral snapback!

Its spring. Floral print is everywhere. Floral headbands are everywhere .

Everyone, their mother and their mother's dog has one.

 and there is nothing wrong with that! What girl doesn't like flowers? Isn't that why the boys always resort to them when they have no idea what to do?

For me , flower headbands are a bit too sweet and girly (bless the poor souls who would mistake me for being a sweet innocent little girl )
All I can see when I wear flower headbands is tiny tinkerbell-esque fairies dragging me off to some far off field then commanding me with their sugary sweet voices to a eternity of slavery for 1 oz of glitter per hour (that's what I've always imagined fairy currency to be)

So I decided to tone down the sweety girl image by combining roses with snapbacks.
( why not? besides, some of you people out there eat bacon with your ice cream.Surely this can't be as  outrageous ?)

First you will need:

Felt, glue and scissors
I chose a traditional red, grey, and a creme... because internally I'm a  conservative 70 year old cat lady

 it would also be super cute if you did a pastel or neon version

I suppose you could just BUY some flowers and glue them on your hat instead of making these flowers, but that would mean you would have to skip my entire post. (pout)

next,  you need to cut your petal shapes 
you can have as many or little rows you want. 
the more rows you have the larger the flower. 
you should have big and small petals 
make sure that if you are making a blooming flower,  to cut a little triangle out from each petal like below (you'll see why in the next picture)

I didn't cut the smallest row because I wanted the inner petals to be really close together (once again you'll see in different photo)

Glue each petal together from where you cut the tiny triangle so that they are curved to resemble a petal more 

you should end up with this  when you're done 
taking the smallest row with no triangles, just roll and glue it together like this. 

With your curved petal rows, starting from the smallest, roll them and glue together 

when you get to the end of a row, just take the next row and start gluing a new row from  place that you think that needs more petals 

you should end up  with this .
if you can see, the center has a really big space.
this is were the small roll of petals come in 

take the smallest row and glue it inside the bigger one 
this should be your finished results! 

now, munch on some food and make a whole bunch. 
then arrange it your liking..

the last step is to glue it on your snapback

and you're done 
(cue overload of  self photos)

and if you guys didn't know, my hair was inspired by GD's hair from his michigo MV
its just not fabulous as his.

remember you can totally do any sort of color, size, number of flowers your inner fairy desires! 
Have fun !


  1. This is so cute.
    Do you think it would work with another fabric? Hmmm...

  2. I usually don't like this kind of "hat" but hey, i loooove this, it's look amazing!!!
    you are the DIY Diva rsrs.

    kiss from Puffy Plaft Zoom