Wednesday, 1 May 2013

6. Simple Midi/knuckle ring DIY

The midi , top knuckle, above knuckle, top finger, what ever trend is fairly new and from what I've seen not much retailers sell this yet

Midi rings are perfect for layering
this summer, instead of arm candy we should have finger candy!
(somehow that doesn't sound as pleasing...)

This is perfect for girls with small fingers that never can find rings their size.
you could tailor this ring to fit any part of your finger
its also quick, easy, and cheap.

what else could you ask for?

First, you'll need some pliers and really big jump rings

use the pliers to bend the jump ring to fit snugly on your finger 
I like the simplicity of the plain ones if I'm going to pair it with some other rings 
you can also use the pliers to bend your ring into different shapes and designs if you want to stack up some midi rings!
here, I made a simple V shape

You can totally add rhinestones, and charms to your rings
Here is a set I made by bending the jump rings and adding some rhinestones

I love how cute they can be
have fun guys!


  1. I love your projects!! And you are the most perfectly adorable alien unicorn I've come across in years!!!

    1. ahah, if you've met any other alien unicorns, please introduce XD