Saturday, 11 May 2013

10. 1 black magic DIY series goth ninja part 1: hooded infinity fringe scarf

before I get into the actual blog post content, I'd like to say that I am an idiot that managed to delete all the comments on my blog

.So if you wondering why  I didn't reply AND deleted your comment ...

or.. if you were wondering if I  had a " holier than thou" outlook on life....
 where I look down upon thy miniscule readers and sneered as I erased all evidence of contact with my heavenly being.

I was just being a immaculate example of stupidity.

that is why.


anyways, I digress

its my 10th post 

In crazy girlfriend terms,  the 10th post equals the one week anniversary

and to celebrate I'm starting a  series using this giant piece of black fabric

In this series of DIYs, I'm going to take this piece of fabric and magically turn all of it into wearable(uhhh okay, well we could debate a bit about the definition of wearable ) pieces of clothing/accessories

hence the title...
black magic! (I'm so lame)
 Your parents taught you to not waste your food, I'm telling you to not waste your fabric. 

First DIY is for all the men out there..
if there is any reading my blog

I can almost hear a cricket


this is going to be a DIY Goth Ninja Hooded Scarf (which by the way sounds a lot cooler than a snood)
inspired by  Deep style hooded fringe top with hood

you can find their stuff here on their official site  or on yesstyle if you just want skip everything and just buy it

and here is my DIY black hooded scarf

For all you people who have no clue what style a goth ninja is,
just imagine it.
its exactly what it seems
page from F*** Yeah Mens wear

I personally love this style.
its like Death eater chic

some key points to this style are
1. monochromatic colors such as black, black, black and shades of black (grey),
2.  the bigger the hood and the more layers, the higher the level
3. Rick Owens
3.5  drape.

Now, for the DIY, you'll have to sew a bit. but it shouldn't be a big deal for beginners. (I managed right? )

you will obviously need some black fabric (preferably jersey because it is light weight and you don't have to worry about the raw edges )

 fold your fabric in half with the insides of the fabric on the outside if your fabric has 2 different sides .

take something with a hood and draw a hood based on the size of that.
then extend your line to include fabric for the scarf part.

make sure the folded part is the bottom (if you want, you can also have the design with the folded part on the top if you don't want your scarf ends to touch )

pin it carefully

cut it while leaving about an inch for error and other things

sew  it all together and you should get this.

I cut some lines for the stringy effect. you can see it is totally hand sewable 

 now you could totally stop here but why not go to the extreme to use up all that fabric?

 I took some of the cut offs and cut them into strips then I braided it and sewed it on

I then  took another piece of the left overs  and sewed it on the inside of the scarf part.

remember to turn it right side out after sewing!




  1. Nice. Love it, I can see this being good in natural colors and lightweight material for a 'desert punk' or even a steampunk effect - just add goggles ;) Great tutorial thanks for sharing... and don't worry about the deleted comments, we're all human after all.

    1. thanks! haha I thought i was deleting the notifications... but nope.
      sucks that I can't remember the users that asked me questions..

  2. Nice! I love this! It seems easy to do and idiot proof (hurray for me! haha) and I love the term death eater chic! Love it xx

    1. it is pretty easy! I didn't even have that much of a hard time even though I am terrible at sewing .

  3. I was just looking up for this information to get a while. Approximately two hrs of online researching, luckily I received it in your website. Thanks for sharing such a great information.

  4. Nice tutorial! I love the look, though I'm not sure I'd be able to pull it off, myself. I have some jersey sheets I don't plan on using for my bed; maybe I'll try this on them :) (though, they're bright blue, so maybe I'll dye them first ;D)

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I used the basics from your tutorial and turned an old pair of yoga pants into the hood. I had to sew the strips onto the hood though due to lack of material but anyway thank you so much for this tutorial! I'm going to use the hood for an upcoming photoshoot.

  6. How much fabric did you use?

  7. This is awesooommmmmeeee, totally going on my to do list, thanks!

  8. It doesn't say how much fabric was used

  9. I don't really follow the last step. Are the pieces on the inside of the scarf part just for extra volume or is it for extra coverage or...? Otherwise, really easy to follow and a great DIY and hooded scarf <3

  10. THANKYOU <3 I'm so going to try this!