Wednesday, 15 May 2013

11. What to do when you get home and realize you just bought the exact same thing

If you have a terminal illness called shoppaholicitis then I'm sure you have probably bought some things that looked somewhat similar.

Yes. I confess

and I ended up buying two pairs of slightly different black flatform boots.

curse you itchy hands that just want to throw money all day.

but have no fear I fixed my problem by slighly customizing these boots with a slight DIY

The first pair was my YRU bloq boots in black
fabulous for a cheapy like me
got them for 30 bucks at urban outfitters

When I bought them, they came with another set of grey laces . I decided that the grey laces gave the shoes more dimension so I switched them. Then I decided to attach some chains and charms with some old necklaces by looping them between two lace holes and

new sparkling shoes.

The other pair I bought online from an off brand. I thought that they were going to be longer than these ones but nope, they were almost the exact same... so... I decided to make these my sharp pointy boots.
I got these spikes from online also. I think they were either 40mm or 50mm  but either one, they are pretty long 

So this is the end of my post today

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