Wednesday, 8 May 2013

9. Make jeweled sunglasses

So the art of decoden isn't very new.
we have jeweled phone cases, cameras, mirrors and etc...

but now it seems that the new major thing to decorate is your sunglasses

From Dolce and Gabanna  to Disquared, to A-Morir
we have all kinds of embellished sunglasses

Today I am going to recreate this look 
and its so simple I could cry. (that is, if aliens had emotions)
So, you'll need some flat back rhinestones or anything flat that could adhere to your sunnies without much problem
You should be able to find some in your local craft or dollar store
 obviously you'll also need some sunglasses
I got the cat eye ones for a retro effect
 then plan out your design
I like to draw myself a pair of 2D sunglasses to help me picture the design better in my head

Here are some design ideas

 Next, use some strong glue to stick your design onto your glasses're done 
this is the time where I take pictures of myself and pose 


  1. Hello! Cool DIY *_*

    I've always wanted to do the flower sunglasses ever since I saw them at

    thanks for the tips <3 keep in touch

    1. thank you!haha now i can blind some people with them sparkling sunglasses!