Saturday, 18 May 2013

12 DIY spiked flower garter with really cheap materials

So, the other day I had this wonderful idea to make some of these creepy yeha inspired spiked garters that I've seen everywhere.

obviously my version is not nearly as great as hers but its easy, fun, and most importantly CHEAP. 

lets get started! 
first we need  some elastic, needle and thread 
next, you measure your elastic around your leg at the part each stip will be lying 
you'll need 3 pieces 
make sure your elastic isn't too tight or you might cut off your circulation 

sew each of the three peices together to form a loop
it doesn't have to be neat since you will be covering it up with more elastic 

here is 2 of the 3 loops I sewn together
this will be the basic structure of your garter 

next you will need 2 peices of elastic measuring from the end  loop
then sew together and you get this~
the least about of visible sewing neesd, 
don't forget to repeat for the back

next you attach on the third elastic
shove it inside between top and bottom loops then sew at all the parts that they touch 
make sure that  your 3rd elastic is not crooked!

time to stud!

now mark all the places to put them studs 

and here is the end result!
I also decided to put the roses  down


  1. Hi! Nice project and blog! I saw your projects on Cutout&Keep, I did some similar halters before, maybe I'll put it on my blog too :)

    1. thanks! Id love to see some different versions!

  2. Great project!

    I love your blog and your diy ideas!

  3. ohhh that's exactly what i was looking for <3 thanks for the amazing tutorial ^_^ have a nice day