Saturday, 25 May 2013

14. DIY corset lace up thigh high

So, this was originally suppose to be a diy corset lace up legging tutorial but they turned into this and I love them so much I'm going to make a legging version with some cool string colors

I was inspired by the  style stalker snakebite legggings that were popular a little while ago
but you know me, never one to spend more than 15 bucks on leggings
 so just had to make an inspired version instead

but anyways,
I went and dug around my closet for some pleather leggings and it turns out the only plain pair I had left had some holes in some certain areas..

so I decided to chop the legs off and just make them into these legwarmer/ thigh high socks

there's a number of ways that you could go about doing this.

if you wanted a more polished look, you could use eyelets or eyelet tape

personally, I don't mind the rough unfinished look so I used the simplest method. 

first you'll need rotary punch. 
this is for punching in the holes

if you are going to be putting grommets as well, make sure that your hole is slightly smaller if your fabric is stretchy 
then you take your leg and fold it in half where you want the lace up to happen
now you can mark and start punching the holes 
when you're finished with the holes cut a line down the middle of the fabric to separate  them
now lace them up!

for the string , you can use anything you want. 
they should look like this

here I used shoe laces and the total amount of shoe lace I used is about 12 meters. 
Around 6 per leg. 

that being said  everybody's height is different along with the space between each hole and the width separating each side
for reference, I am about 5'8 and the there is about an inch between holes. 

now you're done!


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    1. thank you!!
      I debated between using many different ways

  2. Wow I must say I love your whole blog! Sooo many ideas I want to do :D I love your hair btw :D

    1. thanks! if you decide to try any of them, i'd love to see them!