Monday, 20 May 2013

13 DIY gothic corset swallowtail reconstruction.

last night I had a sudden thought to make this too large corset that I had lying around into a corset with swallowtails..(I'm not quite familiar with my terminology. Although experienced sewers would probably want to hit me for more than this issues in my post)

I took this corset and cut off it from the back where the boning was.

then I cut out 4 strips

the 2 shown here will be the front strips.

I choose this velvet/faux suede material (again. forgive my lack of knowledge of fabrics) on purpose because I hate hemming
and it has nice structure that would fall quite nicely for this design

this is the 2 front strips and the 2 back strips
here I placed all the fabric according to the position that I needed to sew them in.

the two front pieces I sewed them directly onto the corset. (As to what method, I think I'd rather not have a steamstress murder me with her iron for telling you guys the wrong infromation. thanks. )

for the back pieces, I decided I needed a zipper but you don't need it if you don't want

now, you should have 2 sides on the front piece that will connect with the the 2 sides from the back.

measure place your grommets then use ribbon and lace them up

I love how this project I didn't have to measure anything because the ribbon makes things adjustible! (unless somehow u made things too big...)

here is what you should have

I sewed an extra piece of black fabric under the front lace up because I thought that it might be too much with 3 lace up sections.

and DONE ~


  1. I've never used grommets at all but I love this tutorial as I have at least 3 leather skirts hanging around (which I can use for the same purpose)... I've aged and even if I could squeeze myself in to them, it would not be a pretty sight ... Great to find another use for the things I am reluctant to part with.