Saturday, 4 May 2013

7. Customizing your new or old backpack with studs ,wings, and lions!

I went thrifting.
What's new?

I got this awesome bag which I thought that had some studding potential 

I decided to use both gold and silver studs of various sizes and styles. I also attached a pair of gold spray painted wings and a lion stud. 

the wing idea was  inspired by these adorable backpacks from  lost mannequin

 I think I quite like how mine came out . Not as adorable as the ones from lost mannequin but I am satisfied.

I bought and used gold and silver studs from ebay  
most of them are different sizer and shapes
I quite like how the different shapes look together. 

I used the same foam wing technique in my Jeremy Scott X Adidas wing tutorial to make the following wings 

I also had some random little lion studs lying around so I decided to attach them on my bag as well

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